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Architecture is an industry that is essential for people's lives.


On a daily basis, I work with many families in terms of their living environment.A home is an important space that supports your family for many years.I think it's something that becomes a part of life.


Architecture is a precious industry that allows us to be involved in a part of the lives of various people.


With my own passion for this job and the passion I have for our customers' homes.We hope that you will have fun planning your own home.

Kosaka Construction Co., Ltd. is a ZEH builder.

In the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Net Zero Energy House Support ProjectI am registered with ZEH Builder.

By 2025, we will increase the proportion of properties that ZEH will take orders for.We will strive to popularize ZEH with the goal of achieving 100% or higher.

2020 results

2021 results

2025 target




Since 2017, we have received BELS ratings for our newly built homes.

Although the number of ZEH buildings in 2020 was 0, we constructed one certified carbon house.

In fiscal 2021, we will dramatically expand our results and build 3 ZEH orintendo performance homes and 1 ZEH80% of new properties will be high-performance housing, and we have received more orders this year than in 2020.

​For our customers to live a comfortable, environmentally friendly and economically friendly lifeWe offer high-performance homes that other companies cannot offer.


Representative Hiroyuki Kosaka

Business details: New housing construction, additions, renovations, etc.

Established 1956

Capital: 10 million yen



Construction business license registration / Ishikawa Prefectural Governor (General-4) No. 11524First-class architect office registration / Ishikawa Prefectural Governor No. 13078

1st class architect, 2nd class architect, 1st class construction management engineer, 2nd class construction management engineer 


20-2 Nakamachi, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture 929-0123
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TEL   : 0761-55-3626

FAX   : 0761-55-4655

Construction company in Ishikawa prefecture


Kosaka Construction Co., Ltd.

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