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Takado's house

By arranging the atrium in a well-balanced manner in small increments, it creates a connection with the entire house.
The space has been designed to make it easier for all family members to share their lives.

Also, one of the benefits of arranging atriums in each location is

By placing the air conditioner in the second floor hall, the air from the air conditioner in the summer is
You can reach the first floor more efficiently.
The floor plan has been designed with consideration.

However, I think this is a way of thinking that is unique to high-performance housing.

Therefore, when designing your home, please
Designed with performance in mind first.
Why not consider designing your floor plan?

Living and design that can only be achieved through high performance
Would you like to work with us?

UA value: 0.38 (W/㎡・K)
c value: 0.2 (㎠/㎡)
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