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open house “Nakanogo House”


8/13 10:00~17:00
8/14 10:00~17:00
8/15 10:00~17:00


A newly built two-story wooden building on land with a rich landscape, with plans to use it as a store in the future.

On the first floor, we have consolidated the store space and water supply in consideration of the case where a store is operated.

Therefore, since we can plan a larger space on the second floor, we have adopted a large LDK area and brought the stairs to the center to clearly separate the living room relaxing space from the dining kitchen, making it easier to relax in the living room. A well-thought-out floor plan.

In order to avoid creating a feeling of pressure, we kept the partition walls to a minimum and designed a wide open LDK so as not to obstruct the view.

A Nakanosato home where you can fully see the colors of the finishing materials, furniture, lighting, etc. just by imagining living there makes you happy.

If you are considering opening a store, why not take a look and get a feel for the lifestyle that can be realized with the floor plan and performance.


UA value: 0.40W/㎡・k
c value: 0.17㎠/㎡

For reservations,Email, or TEL (0761-55-3626)Please feel free to contact us.Details of the venue location will be sent to you via email when making your reservation.


We look forward to your reservations.

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