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House in Hasaya

There are campgrounds and ski resorts nearby, and we built a new home in an area rich in nature.

As this is an area that experiences a lot of snowfall, we designed it to be a long-term high-quality home, with consideration given to earthquake resistance as well as a structure that can withstand the weight of snowfall.

We matched the exterior wall finishing materials of the existing garage with the exterior wall materials of the newly built house, taking care to ensure that even if the existing garage came into view, it would not become an enemy.

In addition, by making use of the sloped roof and intentionally building in a remote location, the building created a better exterior plan that breathed new life into Hasaya.

UA value: 0.36 (W/㎡・K)
c value: 0.11 (㎠/㎡)

Total floor area: 37 tsubo
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