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Kiso town house

A custom-built home with a total floor area of 32 tsubo.

Living room with stairs (no stairs) by creating as little wasted space as possible
Incorporating the request for 1F bedroom + WCZ, 2 rooms + larger FCZ on 2F
A WC is also planned for both 1st and 2nd floors.

A compact house designed with enough space for future living.

Also, avoid making the living room feel small.
Even though it is small, it has a large atrium.
The result is a house that doesn't feel cramped.

In the future, as you spend your time, cleaning and maintenance,
With these aspects in mind, we have created a compact design.
It is becoming the mainstream of the times.

Why not come visit us and imagine your future lifestyle?

UA value: 0.36 (W/㎡・K)
c value: 0.11 (㎠/㎡)
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